Brass is a metal alloy primarily composed of copper and zinc. The proportion of copper to zinc can vary, leading to different types of brass with distinct properties.

We stock these grades of Brass:

  • 260 (C26000) Sheet, Plate
  • 360 (C36000) Flats, Squares, Rounds, Hex


  • Color: Brass has a distinctive yellow or reddish-brown color, depending on its composition.
  • Malleability: Brass is highly malleable, allowing it to be easily shaped, formed, and machined.
  • Ductility: It is also ductile, meaning it can be drawn into thin wires without losing its strength.
  • Corrosion Resistance: Brass exhibits good corrosion resistance, especially in comparison to iron or steel.
  • Low Friction: Brass has low friction characteristics, making it suitable for applications like bearings.
Types of Brass
  • Alpha Brass: Contains a higher percentage of copper and is more malleable.
  • Alpha-Beta Brass: A balanced composition with both alpha and beta phases, providing a combination of strength and ductility.
  • Beta Brass: Contains a higher percentage of zinc, resulting in increased hardness.
  • Copper Content: Brass typically contains a higher percentage of copper, ranging from around 60% to 90%.
  • Zinc Content: The remaining portion is primarily zinc. The exact composition can be adjusted to achieve specific properties.
  • Musical Instruments: Brass is commonly used in the production of musical instruments, including trumpets, trombones, and saxophones.
  • Plumbing and Fittings: Brass fittings are widely used in plumbing due to their corrosion resistance and malleability.
  • Decoration: Brass is used for decorative purposes in items like jewelry, ornaments, and architectural details.
  • Electrical Components: Brass is utilized in electrical connectors and terminals.
  • Automotive Parts: Brass is found in various automotive components, including radiators and connectors.
  • Valves and Fasteners: Brass is used for valves, screws, and other fasteners due to its corrosion resistance.
  • Coinage: Historically, many coins were made from brass due to its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Polishing: Brass has a bright and shiny appearance when polished.