Loftis CAD Services

Loftis offers a fully integrated CAD Department to handle most file types. We can tailor to your specific needs and requirements. The proximity of the CAD team to your sales representative and production floor allows for quick iterations and modifications to your designs, adding value in rapidly changing industries where speed to market is a key factor.

Our CAD team ‘s institutional knowledge is key to maintaining consistency and efficiency. Using the latest technology, we determine the optimal cutting process, part nest, material requirements, and time needed for completion.  We confirm the part scale on the drawings, determine which machine is the best fit, and address special conditions during this process.  Specific cutting requests, such as material grain direction and lead-in positions, are programmed now.

Preferred Files: .dxf .dwg .iges .step .stp .pdf

No Print, No Problem…Loftis offers 2D Scanning – 4ft x 4ft

Check in with our CAD department for all of the guidelines you'll need for sending your drawings to us.