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Loftis Steel & Aluminum is one of the leading metal service centers in the southeastern United States. From our Nashville, TN based headquarters and warehouse, we have been providing and processing aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, copper, bronze and special alloys since 2000. Included among the customers that we serve are: a wide range of OEMs; industrial & commercial machinery & equipment businesses; machine shops; and other metal-related companies.

The Loftis Steel & Aluminum story began in 2000 based upon the core principles of providing honest, on time and quality services at competitive market prices.  That dedication is even stronger 17 years later as Loftis Steel & Aluminum has emerged as one of the Southeast’s premier metal service and processing centers.

Onsite within the 40,000 plus square feet of warehouse space are three waterjets, a high definition plasma/oxyfuel system, three laser cutters, a precision aluminum plate saw, as well as a shear, time saver, mini-brake, and several automatic band saws and cut-off saws.  As Loftis Steel & Aluminum, Inc. has grown, so has the diversity of its product line, including not only standard items like aluminum, stainless steel, and carbon steel, but specialty and hard to find items as well.

In terms of customer experience, even the strongest product lines and cutting processes aren’t enough. It is the “people” who make the biggest difference with our customers, which is why Loftis has always focused on having a strong team of employees possessing an in-depth knowledge of metals, great dedication to detail, desire to provide unmatched customer service, and ingenuity that provides them with the ability to think and perform outside the box.

In April of 2016 Loftis Steel & Aluminum partnered with locally based Wheelhouse Capital Partners, a management services and investment company in downtown Franklin. The decision for the partnership was based upon the desire to build upon and further expand the successful 16-year old business. In addition to a capital investment, Wheelhouse provides operational and management resources to help support the overall growth and expansion strategies and remain committed to the ongoing success and growth of the company.

Loftis Steel & Aluminum, Inc., always customer driven, is your “one-stop source” for all metal needs.

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